April 2010 Entries

Don’t name elements “submit” on Asp.Net web form

I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone do that anyway. Believe me, I am one of them, but to understand how I got to this point you need to understand the project I am working on. For some reason our client has a few different web sites and right now we are making changes to one of them. What they wanted us to do was make this site look like one of their other ones. No problem, but when I asked what the other site looked like I was simply told to go to a url. This pretty much...

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LayoutTransform vs. RenderTransform

This is directly related to my previous post. I mentioned that I was using RenderTransform to turn some controls sideways. But when I did this is I had to readjust the margins to keep it on the edge of the screen. This works fine for one control I guess, well maybe, but I was rotating more than one control and there needed to be controls next to the controls I was rotating. If I turned a really wide control and a control that wasn’t so wide then there would be a gap between the adjacent controls since the original dimensions...

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WPF RenderTransform and Margin

I am only writing about this to justify how long this took me to figure out. Now that I know the relation, or lack thereof, between the two it is trivial. I have been working with some third party controls for WPF that allow panels to be moved around, docked and hidden just like the toolbox and solution windows in visual studio. While they make that easy styling the controls isn’t as straight forward. You need to create a resource dictionary and override templates with certain names. As far as docking goes I needed the text to be either normal...

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