September 2010 Entries

Asp.Net MVC Paging and jQuery

Ever since MVC has come out for Asp.Net I have been wanting to understand jQuery. MVC seems like it will make doing client side programming a little easier than web forms because I don’t have to deal with the long client ids and controls using there viewstate values when a postback occurs. The other night I decided to take my first step, I haven’t done a lot of web development lately so that was another motivating factor. A while back I blogged about an extension method I made for paging thru records in MVC. I decided to try and make...

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WPF Drag and Drop

Recently I was tasked with making a utility app to manage records in a database. Since there were no requirements for this other than it had to actually do the updates I decided to use WPF and even try to use MVVM since I thought a small project would get me more familiar with both. The overall app wasn’t that hard, basically the first window opened a second window to perform searches and allowed the searched items to be added to the main window where they would be edited. Basically I was taking items from one GridView to another. I...

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