October 2010 Entries

Linq to Sql and String Truncation

For the last couple months at work we have been working on converting a customer’s clients from competitor systems to their system. Doing this involves converting the competitors database into their database. Since there are a few things that would be difficult to do just in SQL we decided to use .Net and Linq to SQL to accomplish this. Since these are mostly just little utilities to map fields from one system to the other not a lot of validation is done, other than making sure the data looks pretty much the same in both programs.  For those of you...

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Handling Orientation Change in Android

This summer my brother and I decided to give my parents a break and get our own cell phone plan. I know, how grown up of us. Anyway, we decided on Verizon and the HTC Incredible. Me being a developer I immediately had visions of writing all kinds of sweet apps for my phone. Unfortunately the process of learning how to develop for Android took a little longer than i had hoped. I went to Android’s website and followed the instructions to set up the IDE and a few tutorials and then bought a book to get an overview of...

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