For those of you who have been following some of my recent posts you have noticed that I have been doing quite a bit of Android development lately. Nathan suggested in the comments of one of my posts that I review the book I used to get started.

I bought the book Professional Android 2 Application Development over the summer shortly after buying an Android phone. I had tried to get started by just using the Android website, but I am not one for browsing all over a site to learn all the features of a language or platform. I wanted a book so that I would be able to learn what certain features of the platform were called and this book allowed me to do just that. The book starts with an intro and how to setup your environment to start development and then goes on to discuss views, activities, intents, menus, preferences, storage and so on. Like I mentioned, I wanted a book that would explain to mean what the features of the platform were called. By that I mean I didn’t know that the menus that show up when you long press an item are context menus or that intents are used to start one activity from another. This book did a good job of explaining exactly those things and was just what I was looking for when I purchased it.

I read the first 10 or so chapters since those contained most of the topics I was interested in and relied on the Android site and Bing for the rest of my questions. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who has some programming experience and is looking to get started with the Android platform.