Asp.Net MVC

Asp.Net MVC Paging and jQuery

Ever since MVC has come out for Asp.Net I have been wanting to understand jQuery. MVC seems like it will make doing client side programming a little easier than web forms because I don’t have to deal with the long client ids and controls using there viewstate values when a postback occurs. The other night I decided to take my first step, I haven’t done a lot of web development lately so that was another motivating factor. A while back I blogged about an extension method I made for paging thru records in MVC. I decided to try and make...

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Asp.Net MVC Html.Pager

Update: Markis Taylor has extended my code and made the pager better. The code can be found here. Over the last couple months I have been developing a site using Asp.Net MVC. For the most part I have enjoyed the experience but you definitely take some things for granted that are built into Asp.Net Web Forms. one of those things is the paging support that is built into the Gridview. MVC does have Html helpers for things like textboxes and drop downs but there is no built in support for paging.   Now that you have a little background on MVC, the...

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