Dynamic Controls and View State

Glad to see the title hasn’t scared you off as talking about just one of these topics can get pretty hairy. The reason for this post comes from an issue I was looking into last week. I don’t want to go into all the details but the problem was that a grid that had view state was not repopulating it values during postbacks. I also don’t want to go into too many details about view state and dynamic controls so I suggest reading the following posts by Dave Reed on view state and dynamic controls. The one is pretty lengthy...

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Asp.Net and Recursion

If you’re anything like me the thought of recursion can be quite scary and the fact that you still decided to read this post is impressive. Also before I start I want to point out that this is by far the most difficult thing I have done since I started programming. The problem I faced was that we needed to make a page that allowed the user to group rules together just like an if statement using AND and ORs to join the rules. The page needed to be able to support as many levels deep of grouping the user...

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Binding with Container.DataItem

The other day at work I was binding a list of items to a DataList. Usually with the data bound controls such as a GridView you can either use the BoundField column or you can style your own columns using TemplateFields. In this case I had a user control inside of the item template of the DataList and needed to set a property on the control to the item being bound. Since I started out using Asp.Net 2.0 the syntax I use to bind to properties on objects is either the Eval or Bind tags. These tags are great when...

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Don’t name elements “submit” on Asp.Net web form

I know what you’re thinking, why would anyone do that anyway. Believe me, I am one of them, but to understand how I got to this point you need to understand the project I am working on. For some reason our client has a few different web sites and right now we are making changes to one of them. What they wanted us to do was make this site look like one of their other ones. No problem, but when I asked what the other site looked like I was simply told to go to a url. This pretty much...

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