Compiled Linq Queries

For the past few months at work I have been working on importing records from one system to another. For the data access we have been using Ling to SQL. For the one system we had to perform some pretty tricky queries to make sure we got only non deleted records. To do this for all the tables we had pretty much the same query everywhere in our class, modified of course to get the different types out. When we started running the program to moves records the first thing we noticed was that it was pretty slow, and by...

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Linq to Sql and String Truncation

For the last couple months at work we have been working on converting a customer’s clients from competitor systems to their system. Doing this involves converting the competitors database into their database. Since there are a few things that would be difficult to do just in SQL we decided to use .Net and Linq to SQL to accomplish this. Since these are mostly just little utilities to map fields from one system to the other not a lot of validation is done, other than making sure the data looks pretty much the same in both programs.  For those of you...

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